Art in companies

Art is appreciated in museums, more rarely in galleries in which it may be intimidating to enter, but art in companies combines every virtue :

Art humanises the places

Integrating art in a workplace brings colour, creates a pleasant environment and highlights the meeting places, the corridors, the hall or even the places for lunch, which makes the atmosphere positive and favourable for work.

Art develops the employees’ sensitivity

The exhibits that take place in companies awaken the employees to art and spark off their curiosity. This proactive process enables to facilitate the exchanges about that notion which sometimes proves to be too abstract for the general public.

Art creates social cohesion within the companies

By creating a collective cultural experience, art stimulates the employees’ personal development, uniting them in a shared moment. Art boosts performance in companies by motivating the employees.

Art provides value

Art conveys the image of the company to its partners, clients or contractors around various themes and artistic cycles – a formidable added value !



The Elizabeth Couturier Gallery offers dynamic custom-made solutions. The travelling exhibits are adaptable, whether they’re turn-key or elaborated with you, the selection of the works is made collectively, in keeping with the company’s values. The exhibits by the Elizabeth Couturier Gallery can be accompanied by conferences, tours guided by the artists, film projections…



Cultural patronages are tools rendering services to companies. In 2018, they represented 15 % of the donations coming from companies. They enable to construct an image and meet a new expectation for the opinion of the company, which has to contribute to the collective interest on top of the simple value creation.

Moreover, patronages enable to reinforce the implication of the collaborators. Aware of the image they convey, collaborators commit themselves and become the most effective ambassadors.